MyTarget is an innovative and therapy-supporting app for people with chronic inflammatory bowel disease.



With the tracking diary you can quickly & easily document your symptoms, track & share as a PDF with doctors.

Medication Planner

Medication planner creates an overview & reminds you to take your medication regularly.


Record important treatment appointments or symptomatic events in the integrated calendar.

Blog & News

In the Blog & News section, you can find out everything that is new about your disease and stay up to date with the latest research.


You can navigate to different destinations, such as to the nearest restroom in the integrated map.

Medical Documents

Important documents can be stored in the MyTarget app so they are ready for the next treatment at the doctor's office.

Add-On Module: Televisite

With Televisite, appointments can be made directly via your smartphone or tablet to get even quicker feedback for your treatment.

Add-On Module: Clinical Trials

Integrating clinical trials into our trial portal gives you the opportunity to get direct patient feedback.

Integration of various motion sensors, such as Garmin Watches, is possible and provides various motion & vital signs values.

Target Registry

The TARGET registry provides physicians with control and security outside of office hours by digitally verifying data entered by patients.

The MyTARGET app, which is linked to the TARGET registry, provides patients with IBD with additional practical support for treatment and daily living.




Doctors & Study Nurses


Study Centers

FilgoColitis Study


To evaluate quality of life and psychosocial well-being of patients with ulcerative colitis treated with Filgotinib.

In the FilgoColitis study section of the MyTARGET app, patients can pair their smartphones with the wearables and automatically and securely transmit and store their motion data in the database.




Study Centers

Download our app & let it be your personal companion.

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